I have a compulsion. Several actually, but the longest-running and deepest-rooted of them all is the reason for this blog. I can’t stop writing. I have bookshelves full of spiral notebooks filled with nothing but my writing. Sonnets instead of calc notes, character sketches in place of biology diagrams. I’m not bragging, I just want to let you know how severe this is. There is never a time when I am fully clothed, sober, and less than 5 feet from a notebook I can write in if something strikes.

So this site attempts to contain my compulsion. Or something like that. It’s a place where I can pick out which things from the spiral notebook deserve to see the light of the world and hopefully share them with someone who likes that sort of thing. I really am that naive.

In the 7th grade I started experimenting with rhymes. I switched from generally writing short stories (which were easy to start but almost never finished at all) to poems (where an ending could be handled so many more different ways!). By 9th grade I was generally unalbe to write without rhyming and conforming to a strict meter.

But it is hidden. I got so used to seeing what are ostensibly poems written in prose-like form in my notebook that when it came time to put in line breaks (for whatever reason such a need does arise occasionally) that I couldn’t handle the sight of my poem all mashed and razored and distorted.

So read these at your own speed. That’s about the only control I’ll let you have. Instead you have to find my rhymes, my rhythm, the paths of syllables and end sounds I left for you to follow like trails through a forest of words. Sometimes the woods devour the trail a little, but I think that’s okay. If you keep going you should be able to find your way. And along that way, I hope you see something you like. I hope you feel like you’ve been here before, felt this but not known you did until now. I really, really am that naive.

Let me know how it goes.

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