Impractical Cartography

What do you mean – there is no end of the world?! There’s no ocean edge to sail off? There’s no final bright white flash? How could it be that we slow down and everything speeds past and carries on and is oblivious to anything before? You get the key and leave the dungeon – why should there be any more little challenges to deal with (what to wear and who to sleep with), why can’t anyone relax a goddamned sec or keep a secret? I have tried to find the end – followed my cable lines like thread but it unravels on forever. You can keep pulling and never gain a thing but piles of string and a glazed look to your eye. The ancient mapmakers betrayed me – filled their pages, said goodnight and never thought that anyone would be so stupid as to try to reach the edge.


~ by perfectionatrix on November 5, 2015.

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