The Lost Chapters of Lilith

After Lilith left Eden, she found unmade beds to sleep in, read philosophy in Sweden, got a job but couldn’t keep it. I was happy for the body – something soft to sleep on top of me and keep my soul from floating past the confines of the ceiling. It is rarely easy leaving: she had old photos with smiling friends she’d almost lost the names to, she told stories that had morphed so drastically they’d come out new and for my part I would calmly sip my coffee, nodding softly as the birds woke up around us, her arm around me and her talking about where does all the time go and what groceries we forgot. Once Lilith got to moving, it was like she couldn’t stop and soon her weight felt so much lighter and my soul would float away and catch on power lines or tree branches and I swear it’d take me days to get back to my sleeping body and she moved to French philosophy and said it didn’t matter if she wants me – that’s just weakness (she stopped calling and I didn’t have the heart to try again).


~ by perfectionatrix on November 3, 2015.

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