What the Weather Said

What the weather said when I buried you – cloudless, endless dome of blue (cheap earrings and second hand shoes look better in the sunlight) – I drive every long way back I know, half tuned in to the radio, half watching myself driving like I hope your ghost will soon. It is chilly (strange to be so sunny), and there’s ticket stubs and truly lovely notes I know I shouldn’t keep but now I know I’m really weak and hide them in a drawer that I won’t open anymore (and that might show you. If it could I mean, or if you’d notice such a thing). The birds were scarcely noted, perfume lingered on old clothing that I never could be troubled to return to you on time. You’d say it’s fine, and the weather chose a brilliant day to shine and I am driving and arriving and there’s nobody to tell I made it safe.


~ by perfectionatrix on October 19, 2015.

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