Leipzig Sonata

After they pulled me from an East German sewer, I didn’t say a word; shaking, still I played it cool which made you think that I’d forgotten – using wet ditches for coffins, falling asleep in cities with my feet below me walking –

But let us (just once) be perfectly clear: my memory is exceedingly sharp. And though I may wait til the kingdom goes dark, I will never forget how you feel.

Answered my questions with unplaceable accents, untraceable bank accounts payed for my fashionable drinks, erasing the timeline I’d rendered. Two days in a cell, the embassy surrendered me to very angry people who put grip marks in my arm and told me get the hell away, you’re lucky you even got warned.

But let us (just twice) be perfectly nice.


~ by perfectionatrix on January 2, 2015.

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