There’s Always More Spiders

There’s always more spiders on you than you think – even now or even out for one small minute from the shower, toweling yourself off, getting re-covered in spiders – can’t you feel their little legs and bristly hairs all climbing higher – to your neck, across your hairline; wherever their designs tell them to go they will move, with eight barbed toes that catch the grooves in your skin and make you itch and kill a spider with the flick of a finger. At night, try not to think of the raspy little blinks of shuffled sound they make while crawling over barely sleeping bodies because I’m telling you there’s always more spiders than you think.


~ by perfectionatrix on November 24, 2014.

One Response to “There’s Always More Spiders”

  1. Totally creepy.. Won’t be able to sleep tonight for sure..
    All I can feel now, feels like spider… 😐

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