Muddling Mojitos in May

It is worth it – for the guest, and convenience to yourself – to allow the limes to simmer, let the oils start to shimmer and then smash them against glass, grind them finely against sugar, tear through the fresh mint leaves, add a tiny dash of liquor to help stimulate the mixture – it is worth it just to twist a rind around the small, smooth rim. Shake the whole thing in a shaker, pour it out and add some fizz because the bubbles are refreshing and the freshness is arresting – add a straw for ease of teeth cleaning and watch the levels bending towards empty – til what’s left is some debris and ice and sweetness on the tongue. In some rare moments, it is worth it just to serve it up and know that it hits home with a satisfied lip smack, a pleasant hum, or healthy glow.


~ by perfectionatrix on November 21, 2014.

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