Perseus from a Chasm

I have fallen into holes so deep – the falling changed direction. I have slashed through famous knots, climbed crumbled towers, peered at heaven and I’ve given it all up a hundred times if it was once and gained nothing but some scars, a couple stories, some bizarre little rituals, habitual usage of prescription-less conditionalsP and I’m getting this feeling that the ball of twine’s unreeling and there’s nothing at the center but a marble to hold space. It has only been two hours since (from a dream) I saw your face and I am late with all my letters (true they never leave my desk) and if there’s something out there better, I hope to god it hits you next.

– I once lost 11 shekels over dice in Galilee. I named a planet after you, then named its moon for me –

We forget that we are circling, that everything is circling – all things spinning, orbiting imaginary poles. If we get close again (elliptic bend, anomalies in flight path) – I would like to name more after you. I hope that you would like that.


~ by perfectionatrix on October 2, 2014.

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