How the West was Lost

Do you know what they did with Billy the Kid? They shot him down in the dark like a dog. And Buffalo Bill and Geronimo thrilled from the side of a tour bus that stopped at big cities – the ready and willing trade dollars for pity – the fallen chief cries for the way they are ridding the world of the magic that used to stalk taverns, palm cards in blackjack, slip fingers to madams – now we are strange coins that kids find in attics and spend on lunch money when mom forgets change – in a few years, the West, once wild, was tamed – broken like a foal, all paid back in full, each bottle recycled, mercy given each soul –

I swear that I still prefer unfinished things – two days past a shave, the photographic gleam of a gun in the sun spun once for effect, the cowboy shrinking into the sunset –


~ by perfectionatrix on August 6, 2013.

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