Red Lights and Lost Change

Stammering and quite caffeinated, I drop pennies through the sidewalk grate and walk on only after I hear them hit the bottom. There’s a lot of them gathering on slimy floors of rivers, washing off the copper face of dear old Mr. Lincoln, who’s served admirably so far, even in his brand new town car… I think my body wants me dead – it never lets me eat; I think my brain wants me dead – all it does is sleep. Even when I’m twitching from my thousandth cup of coffee, struggling to count my ones and keep up with the talking clerk who’s waiting for her shift to end so she can see her friend, I leave pennies in the change tray, wave goodbye and drive again around my zip code mostly purposeless and definitely stalling – searching all the contacts in my phone for one worth calling just to tell them that I’m sorry that I couldn’t keep their friendship. I toss pennies out my window every time my music mentions something sad – too, too much coffee – gets me emotional and sobbing over red lights and lost change.


~ by perfectionatrix on May 15, 2013.

One Response to “Red Lights and Lost Change”

  1. Very NICE 🙂

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