When I was a Beautiful Thing

When I was a beautiful thing, you would have loved me – I was subtly explaining gently into your ear what I was saying was before I realized it didn’t matter, hushed and close enough to batter you with kisses if I wanted if you wanted if I were ever a beautiful thing, if I ever had a cure for this awful looming blankness that eats away my time if I could not compose my thoughts into predictably awful hard wrung oft overused rhymes  – when I was beautiful I wore these little shorts out of the shower and I’d strut them down the hallway and I’d stand around for hours – shirtless, beautiful, and hungry in the kind of light that comes with years of remembering wrongly the exact shade of the sunlight through the tilted teak blinds – when I was a beautiful thing and the whole world was mine you would have loved me.


~ by perfectionatrix on November 2, 2012.

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