How She Feels About Apples

There’s a certain studied carelessness to the way our bodies seem to fit when talking about fruit juice or when walking to get cigarettes – a certain easy glamour which is never more apparent than in hours after parents go to sleep – I’ll sleep beneath you every night that you would like me to or I will go home undefeated, stay up late, and sleep past noon dreaming of wishes words and phrases, dreaming of restored rooms your face flits in and out of like a moth (a pretty one!) around a flame. In some nomadic cultures, love, I swear they use your name to ward off curses and give blessings – my catholic side confesses that I’d settle for such magic and live happily – the apple drink’s okay but not so great you say to me and fall asleep.


~ by perfectionatrix on September 23, 2012.

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