The Thing About

The thing about things is that you have to do them. The thing about dreams is that you must pursue them through the quiet untold hours of a lonely little weekend. The thing about rivers is you don’t know how deep into your body they will get you – until at once you let loose to the rhythm of the current. The thing about love is – you earn it. Otherwise it means less than a cigarette spent and thrown into a ditch to be washed away when it rains. If it rains. We can never tell if. The thing about heartbeats is they tend to skip when we’re kissing – at least, they do in my case. One of the things about pretty girls’ faces is how with one look my universe changes – the fields alter slightly, the parts rearrange (unlikely, I know, but she makes me feel better). The thing about computers and this digital age is how we still don’t know the weather – can’t tell for certain if it will rain, can’t even make an attempt to explain a feeling of fall on the tongue of the breeze with our cigarettes lit and you resting on me – even now, even here – can’t explain every thing.


~ by perfectionatrix on August 31, 2012.

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