The Average Colour of the Universe

The universe was coloured cosmic latte as I tried to find a path back to the highway – it was raining hard enough to feel my life be held to only by the thin strip of a seat belt – you fell off, peacefully to sleep – somewhere miles in the distance. And when I listen, I’m insistent that the universe is missing nothing – all is in its static waves and careful radiations. The gas station that I go to was closed so I passed home going on to the next one because heaven knows I do feel guilty for not telling things how lovely they are always. Heaven knows I do feel silly to think the universe was really indescribable in colour – some name tongues could not uncover, let alone some simple hex shade. A couple miles more, I made it home and thought of how nice it’d be to find you in my bed.


~ by perfectionatrix on July 30, 2012.

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