Reincarnation is Boring

I have lived too many lives already I am tired of telling stories. I have known too many things and knowing everything is boring; I am tired of the prices changing, tired of complaining to a cobmarked corner of the web, tired of my bed being a thin wall from my parents, tired of the glaringly apparent rhymes and lack of social graces – but I’m not tired of your face (which is a skylight to my ceiling). I am not tired of feeling how your spine rises like mountains raised above some snowy land. I could not tire of the thousand special places for my hands to rest like jigsaw pieces matched. I have lived a thousand years already and with every lifetime passed, I’m getting closer to something closer to something closer to something. Oceans drained for me once, lover. I am tired of every other thing but you.


~ by perfectionatrix on July 10, 2012.

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