The Continuing Escapades of Lucifer Witch-Eater

Lucifer Witch-Eater fashioned a bird feeder cardinals would come to on rainy spring days. He measured the shapes, cut the wood and then placed it together in such a magnificent way that only the cardinal dared sip of its seed. Lucifer Witch-Eater’s nose often bleeds in the morning – a warning to send to the past. His coats, all his clothes, are varying shades of black some so faded by washing you’d swear they were gray and others so perfect you could spend a day looking at him and thinking some nighttime had come. He shakes unfused hips, moves opposable thumbs – it is all written down in a book he must follow. Now he is sick and it hurts when he swallows – saliva glands pumping out sharp tiny crystals that carve down his throat like the Roman Missal used to to his ears in Sunday school class – small jagged rattles of angry glass with each swallow and nothing to do but wallow in how miserable it is.


~ by perfectionatrix on April 10, 2012.

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