The Shade of a Tree

I am underneath the dogwoods with my dogs would you believe it we are cogs in some machine which is so large no one can see it! It is sunny here – to breathe it must surely be good medicine (I could go back to bed again, but maybe I will stay up just a little longer now). The flowers pout like girls in dresses – I somehow doubt the breeze caresses them as well as they would like and I could, if I’d only try. I don’t; I barely close my eyes and try to see in the dark. Darkness is a round wet thing – it’s ruined by the bark of my dogs chasing after neighbors. When it’s cooled off a bit later I will worry more about my growing emptiness – I guess I meant to not think of it now. It is too sunny and too sure of a day to be plagued with doubt.


~ by perfectionatrix on April 2, 2012.

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