A Sound That Nothing Makes

A sound that nothing makes takes much time to consider. It is only after days of waiting, in the coma after dinner that you realize that it stopped – some sound that your soft ears would rob you of because it was so constant – a sound that didn’t haunt, then, but only was persistent – after dinner, doing dishes you are struck by just how missing something is. You are wishing (you are mouthing the words out with your lips) that the sound that nothing makes was not fiction, but just is a thing that you now have accepted – like having arms and legs, it’s just as simple as you let it be. The sound of me is stifling, silence laid upon layers of science – too intrusive to deny it never meant a thing to you. The sound that nothing makes is as true as all blue thanks upon this time for making me see that I need to move my legs and walk to you.


~ by perfectionatrix on March 31, 2012.

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