Persistence Hunting in Northern Mexico

And then you must wait. And then you must wait. And then you must shake the blood back in your legs and take flight like a bird that’s been startled away, your departure conveys the true impulse of moment – the great need to own it as yours and chase it on forth and then wait. And breathe. Let your heartrate retreat back to safer, slower, relaxed frequencies. It is there – sweet creature, already alone. The horizon cuts through it like one more bare bone on the semi-dry landscape – you must make it known you are ready to fly again.

This time, it’s easier – ground seems to greet you with springs for your legs, the nice tailwind begs you go faster and capture the heart that you seek. It darts off, you pursue. It pauses and you do the same. There’s no shame in wanting a break.

Several hours later, you curse your creator. The bounty is almost close enough to touch but you’re tired. It’s wired to keep on moving, even after the losing is done it tries to creep oddly away. You take a fevered, dazed step and collapse on your prey saying you love it oh because it never gave.


~ by perfectionatrix on March 21, 2012.

One Response to “Persistence Hunting in Northern Mexico”

  1. awesome post! thanks..

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