Art School Girl

I kept the lines faint so the mind would help blend it. I mixed it all up so that we can pretend it means something more than some inks on a canvas (expensive enough, unless you’re quick-handed. I’m betting you are). When viewed from afar, the details melt off like snow from a road, but it’s between those same unseen details I wrote you an explanation for why I can’t tell you my wish: not because it won’t happen, but because to explain it would ruin the magic and I don’t even have the vocab to convey the one wish that I usually make. It’s one of those things where explaining would take a million odd words and still not be halfway to the meaning – the bleeding of colors is one thing I ended up happy with here. Look closer, and closer – muddled is clear as I get. I would let you take this one home. I would let you take me with it.

~ by perfectionatrix on March 3, 2012.

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