Practical Integrations for Beginners

There is something you left on the front cement step of a house that you lived in before we first met that was for me – oh, baby – some things aren’t worth saving. Lately I feel just like one of those things. There are rings that you dropped behind couches or lost to best friends who moved when their dads got new jobs; there are problems you’ve stopped calling problems or sobbed enough over to no longer mind how they resolved – if they did, if anything does, after all.

There’s a picture you drew for me long before you knew me – long before thoughts of wild boys with pursuing foot follows who swallow up girls like you hollowed its way into your as-yet unmapped chest. There’s a suggestion and a soft place where only your cute face pokes out at me, smiling, from underneath the covers. There are others that were nicer, there are others that fit better, there are others more exciting and still others who would never want to shatter you like I do til our fragments are so fine you can’t tell which pretty pieces are yours and which sharp parts are mine.


~ by perfectionatrix on February 18, 2012.

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