Girls with Straight Teeth

Girls who have straight teeth are most likely crazy. The upside of course is the sex is amazing – each sweat-dappled night finds exhausted frames thanking the gods for existence and cigarette kisses. Girls who have straight teeth don’t care if I miss them – the things they don’t do keep them all very busy. Morning will find us upset to be living in suburbs of joggers and after school specials, crosswalks with crossing guards hired to meddle with regular routes through new glue sniffed towns. Girls with straight teeth don’t know I had braces; girls with straight teeth and even straighter faces tell me take a seat and then when I’m done waiting they’ll call for my turn if my turn ever comes, if my ticket is pulled, if the balance of sum expectations awakened a feeling or two. I don’t know why I try; they almost never do.


~ by perfectionatrix on January 24, 2012.

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