Midday in Eden

When it’s this warm and bright, you almost forget night even existed – that it’s raining (at least misting) on the painted ladies sifting through a passed out man’s wallet when a cab (because they called it) is downstairs, ready to ride them into freedom and invite them back home for one more drink. I do not think you understand me: the importance of all things makes it hard to describe them with any accuracy – I’m not sure the important parts or who bore the worthy heart, I’m only sure that soon the night will tear this world apart and make me forget this noon hour of sunshine, as the rain dries up like smoke and my thoughts turn to a supine girl who jokes about her noteworthy abilities regarding certain strokes. I’d be better if all hours were this sweet, absent of sour thoughts of how to pay for gas next tank or which relatives to thank for christmas gifts (I’m always late – they bitch and I can’t even say they’re baseless; they have quite a case). I’d be better if you’d fetter yourself to me like these letters – I will hide you (oh don’t worry) and invite you to my home for one more drink.


~ by perfectionatrix on January 12, 2012.

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