The Five Joaquins Escape into Mexico with the Ghost of a Wild Horse

From the Governor of California: Surrender the ghost.

I have, or I will. The part I hate most is my having to still tell myself long weeks after that only disaster could come from my coaxing the sound of her laughter from out of her throat. The days of passed notes are long gone – I was wrong to think I did not belong alone; my dearest, darkest, blood or chocolate apologies to you, sweet thing. I’m giving up the ghost – I swear – but let me once more smell the hair that’s apricot and cigarette scented, let me just pretend it’s all worked out so well that – oh I’ll end it when I’m good and ready, baby. Ghosts who take the shape of ladies with fog for hearts make me crazy in the dark atop the cushions – shoving kissing pulling pushing.


~ by perfectionatrix on December 25, 2011.

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