After-Dinner Daydream

One day, we are devoured by the living breathing fog, machine of mountains, clouds and climates – I’m not quite certain of the science but the atmosphere entices fog to form and so it blinded us – two shadows, sitting sideways, barefoot on the clumps of grass, trading shoes with each other, saying this transference lasts longer than hangovers or hard-ons – much too long to grasp. We are trapped in a dense cloud, thick unnerving white. A shocking cold wetness replaces our sight. I am feeling you press your shoes to my palm and let go – you’re gone, you’re gone, you’re gone but I know you still love me so babe take your time getting home and I leave and I think, everyone is alone. Every single person is alone tonight.


~ by perfectionatrix on December 19, 2011.

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