Subtly Caffeinated Hypnagogia

Tired in black – eulogized presence, enamored of beds and pathetic sentiments – first brushing teeth, scrubbing into indented enamel; the mammal grooms itself often – the wood of the headboard was shaped from a coffin itself made of willow that grew by the funeral home creek (you know, with the of-which-we-don’t-speak) – a heart faced girl with a widow’s peak and two-dimensional bedroom body – dreams of serving strangers coffee – dreams of finding long lost money – dreams of telling jokes so funny everybody dies happy. I’m too tired to keep laughing. Oh the sheerness of slid sheets clothing, sailing, billowing around me – some opulent king draped in the finest luxury. Dreams of serving strangers coffee. Dreams of heart shaped girls that want me demonstrating empires of soft mattresses, want battles fit for honor in her common name (meaning not the one I’d say) – dreams of serving strangers coffee – and then the strangest dream came:

A creature from Greek mythology: the body of one love with the name of another.


~ by perfectionatrix on December 18, 2011.

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