Coca Cola Etiquette

Cola fizzes like that thing I can’t hold onto – I can see the bubbles but I cannot describe where they are at any point in time and in a while they’ll be gone. Soda goes flat. I go alone. Cola helps me cough the morning mucus from my lungs. Cola stains the rug when I am useless, puking up the extra shot or two I forgot you would tell me not to take if you were here, if you weren’t bubbles, if hanging from rear view mirrors was no reminder of your presence or the ball clubs of San Francisco. Iceless cola in a glass is like your body in a swimsuit, or you fizzing through the water because you’re young and carbonated. And though I’ve seen it, it’s impossible for me to describe your naked body shaped from countless bubbles rising up to meet their god.


~ by perfectionatrix on December 10, 2011.

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