Just once I wish someone’s hot thoughts were about me. Just once I wish somebody needed to write me something – it need not be world changing but thoughts should be had for arranging it into a shape I’d like – one that represents a night that we did not have (but we could’ve). We could have and we should have made lonely people jealous. I wish I had someone to tell this to – I don’t, I will get drunk and let my rhymes get drunker still – I wish I was the kind of man with fifteen kinds of will to keep my mouth from doing things that I regret when I awake. I wish someone would see me, oh I just wish they would take a few short seconds to announce to me that I brighten their day. I think the reason people kill themselves is they had no one to say I really liked that line you crafted, think that shirt looks good on you. I think the reason people kill themselves is not because they’re blue but more because they realize that they cannot fit in right. I don’t fit; no one thinks of me while laying down tonight but I have love to give for ages, I have kisses, I have pages of prose poems I wrote about you with instructions to be burned when I am dead.


~ by perfectionatrix on December 5, 2011.

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