What of the Astronomers?

Sure, I’m all for medicalization! Make up nicknames for my problems, let me try the medication. But what of the astronomers? Whatever will they do? The doctors of the cosmos, keeping vigil while the moon is lonely, spirals, towers, telescopes to view the nothing that is truer than all words. I wonder – the astronomer, bent over features blurred. Even in the daylight, knows overhead the first night of the universe continues unabated.

I watch Datelines with the health scares and then I catch them, too. I get a cough; I raise a fever; I wallow in the blues. Smoking makes my throat sore. Smoking makes me want more. I hover near the golf course looking for a working pay phone to call and say I’m fine – a thousand people somewhere have me in their lenses right now and what of the astronomers? Whatever will they do?

You wandered – what the goal was and when the end would be. I tried to explain my theories on eternity – look up at the stars, read something on astronomy – I will only die at last when I decide to leave. And what of the astronomers who know how far light shines? Who know the black recesses of the universe and mind?


~ by perfectionatrix on November 12, 2011.

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