Girl from the Weekdays, 3

We could be nice. I picture us black and white, sharing a smoke on the wobbly side of a fire escape, thinking of nights spent getting dressed up (you have wonderful style) and then stripping down (so soft on the eyes!). We could be nice to each other and wicked to everyone else, to all the insipid daywalkers boasting they’ve never read books. We could be nice, we could develop looks so you don’t have to tell me you’d like to go soon, you won’t have to say to meet in the bathroom – there’s something to give me (you know I am willing). Oh love, our love would be constantly spilling over the ceramic edge of the cup. We could get coffee and we could make stories and we could make others envy the glory of slippery friction and volatile tongues. We could be nice. We could have fun.


~ by perfectionatrix on November 11, 2011.

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