11 Hours of Solitude

It is the dream of the room that you only remember existing when you are inside it. But then once you’re there, it’s so obvious where you are – you can’t deny it, these are all familiar walls converging on a single ceiling. If there’s someone that you love, it probably has just as much meaning as this room I keep on dreaming of – a round room without edges. I, searching like a circle, for the corner, for the ledges I can throw myself off of (though the room’s not made for that!) No, I have paced these floors before, I remember my exact words were how could I have missed this door? It’s right here all along. If there’s someone that you love, you probably don’t belong to them but maybe their room’s next to yours and that’s why you’re confused. Maybe her’s is red and your’s looks black but is really blue. Maybe I’ve never really been to this room but only think I have.


~ by perfectionatrix on November 6, 2011.

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