The Wendigo

How does it hold on? Not much longer. What will it do? One way to tell. Didn’t you think? Yeah, thought it was stronger. What will you do? I will meet them in hell.

Probably someone is dying in Russia. The fisherman find him, still frozen, in March. They dream about large polar bears that hush them, their thick white fur matted and starched.

How can it hold on? No can be sure. When did it go? Many many years past. Is there any avail? Decades from a cure. When will it go? probably won’t last

out the winter in republican Russia, the rustic froze timber camp mines. At once utterly barren and lush, and utterly wretched and fine. They find me sometime late in March, still frozen stiff and straight. They take the two bucks from my pocket, call the cops, and don’t even wait til they get there to go home and straight up the stairs for the first dream about the polar bears.


~ by perfectionatrix on October 28, 2011.

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