The Daguerreotype

Could be better as a dream, in real life the reaction would be volatile and profound – I’d hazard the attraction would be ecstatic at first and quickly after fade (we both know that it would happen. neither one was made a creature of focused duration). Anyway, it was a wasted thing I guess but if you get up the nerve then you could call me. I am easily contacted, I am free for all of Fall and we could fill each others times up and criticize our rhymes and get happy heavy drunk and then make love with the light on. Nothing is as obvious as any writer thinks – this can either be a good or bad thing – in our case, it certainly isn’t helping the dream I have where we go to DC and dress up and even have extra money to call a cab after and get a hotel. No, in that case, it’s truly no help.

~ by perfectionatrix on October 24, 2011.

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