Cucumber Spray

At the end of the story, you realize it never mattered – the characters were cardboard cutouts, the protagonist a flattering if not wholly accurate stand-in for the author – the best thing if they ask you is to feign a little cough and then divert the subject elsewhere so your honesty’s not sought. Only be honest if you’re really sure you’re caught; it is much easier (if worse) and far more pleasing to the worth of people who need nothing more than a little soft support. I don’t need anything – not really, some calories to fill me and some slow-acting poisons that in many years will kill me – but I’m willing to be sacrificed if it does any good. If we just get enough signatures, I’m almost sure it would. At the end of the story, on the last hard-wrought line – you realize with a shock that it was never on your mind that so few things actually work – so few do culminate. The seed does not sprout because you kept your patient wait – there is so much else at work here, dear you must let me show you. There are so many things that we could get into.


~ by perfectionatrix on October 24, 2011.

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