A Minimalette on Orders

Death before surrender; caution before tender; presence before absence; lucidness then madness – that’s exactly how it happens – the very first part seems like magic and I’ve ruined many things so when I walk upon your footpath I glide as beautifully as the echo of a wind chime the neighbor’s had when you were three. Wetness before talking; laying before walking – mankind rolling over from the sea bed to the gawky spread out blankets of the tourists who look more like first place hogs; first they feed the family, then they feed the dogs. And anyway your neighbors didn’t even have a wind chime – maybe later on but certainly at that time there was nothing but a stupid fucking dog that always barked and a sexy older brother who backed in when he parked. Oh goddamn death before surrender – because what matter would it be? Once more her breath upon my leather jacket before shattering? First the brewing, then the cup. First the food, and then the drugs – sharing them first, then hiding because you know the other would also like some as well – so many secrets to tell! So many things to buy and then sell for a little bit more; it’s the way, it’s the way! First try the well and then drag the lake and it all moves easily through little stages so gracefully, subtly that it seems ages before there is any sort of variation but first is the excess, and then conservation.


~ by perfectionatrix on October 12, 2011.

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