Cod Liver Oil Girl

Ah, to produce sweet vitamin D! See I told you my love I was named for a tree though no chloroplasts course through my capillaries – the sun can still put some more life into me. My blood is getting thick; I think I need to stretch my legs. This morning, I would swear I heard my pillows softly beg for me to stay a few more hours drowsing in my bedroom’s shade. I said, no! No more sleeping than is needed on this day, which is rare and warm and sunny like the times when I see you (that’s clever planning of you really – build up the associations). There are very few trees who die like I do in the winter – so I might as well revel in the confused skin sensations that the sun brings while it makes me precious, sweet vitamin d and feels a little more like you’re here somewhere softly calling me to come to bed.


~ by perfectionatrix on October 6, 2011.

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