-is a bad feeling, knowing you are humbly kneeling before great Poseidon with his sea-weed beard and god-sized triton – not pleading, more like whimpering – the frightened stray simpering because it knows if it chose, the ocean could capsize this boat, face-fuck you then fill your throat with cold salty discharge. Shoreless means I’m out too far, means the once stable sandbar has disappeared beneath the waves and dragged me out where no man stays. Shoreless was at night, when you couldn’t even tell if your eyelids were open, if the moon was a shell at the bottom of the ocean, if it could be reached and held. I only say that I’m disoriented because I’m not sure where to swim. Shoreless and hopeless, without even the dim light from a flashlight that could serve to guide me. I sink quietly when the treading’s too tiring.


~ by perfectionatrix on September 23, 2011.

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