Agent 206

Soviet era numbers station sounds crackle through walls. Some polytones escape the drones, and out issues the call: 0 206. 1 206, 2 206 – so on until it reaches nine and there’s a dial tone and static while the broadcaster fiddles with the antennae in the attic and then back the count resumes through pay-by-the-hour rooms, where spies with one-time pads attempt to figure out just who the message is intended for. It’s broadcast every evening, on the dot, at 6 til 4 and all the amateurs assume its origin is the Pacific – closer to China, though they can’t get too specific. What it means is there’s an agent in the field they cannot reach – Agent 206, I would assume, has somehow silently disappeared from the crude wavelengths, with no goodbye and no thanks – gone missing while not existing in some unrecognized state. This must mean a crisis, because the signal never stays as it has for quite so long in one unmoving place. Please get back safely, Agent 206, they’re waiting.


~ by perfectionatrix on September 21, 2011.

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