Dollar Store Rhyme Book

Heavy-handed betterness makes all for wetter tenderness – as long as we don’t forget which it was who made who twitch. Now it will get cooler, now the day won’t be so long. And maybe you will cool too and the feeling will be gone. Not that they ever worked well but that’s not what I was saying. I said heavy-handed betterness makes for the better game -keep the rules simple, keep the obstacles the same. I had fretted over betterness for far too many minutes in weather that was terrible and horrible and still is somewhere in my sockets, in the hollows of my bones. I am stormy horny weakness but it’s not like being alone and so it’s easier and better and the tenderness is wetter never estimate whatever you could just count if you let her know that you will not regret her not loving you forever but until the day whenever I should die, I swear by heaven I will get her to forget her ever not thinking of whether I will come and even stay the night.


~ by perfectionatrix on September 13, 2011.

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