What Everyone Says

I waited forever – I waited til trees turned into stone. I waited til oceans flooded and houses crumbled alone together, broke their flimsy tethers, and folded into the sea. The ground is still wet, there’s no gas to go, there’s no great reason to leave. I waited a long, long time for an answer to finally come to me. But no answer will offer itself up that easily like a cheap dolled-up girl that I made eyes with at a bar. Meanwhile, everybody keeps bitching about how everything’s so hard and you know what for that first time in my life I don’t buy it. I’ve educated myself enough to know that I alone can fight it. So I will make my meek little eyes and sigh after they’ve walked on by. I’ve waited years and years and months, sometimes days – sometimes weeks, sometimes just brushing my teeth – and it is silly to be questioned – wait did neither of us mention that all in the first place? Well it’s clear that I am shit-faced, crumb-covered, and neck-braced – thinking of the way  you would taste right before you’d showered. Hours I have waited, I have not once hesitated, I’ve reliably been stating my case all along that you belong with no one else but me.


~ by perfectionatrix on September 10, 2011.

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