Startle Threw a Curve In

After you fell off a cliff and drowned, they closed the town. I think you would have loved it and your body wasn’t found so I now think my cousins saw you feeding ducks beside the lake. They came back looking wide eyed – I said they’d made a mistake but in my heart for just a second I pictured you (I know, how reckless). The woman by the lake had left then, and knowing you, probably to Texas. Oh I get it all confused, all these places that the map says lay like different colored dirty laundry (or rather float upon the dirty salt sea). They are as fictional as heaven, I can’t imagine what you’ve seen (I mean if the fall didn’t kill you and you really swam away. I’ve heard of certain swimmers swimming cold open water for days and you do seem like a fighter, or at least a strong survivor) and I can’t imagine what you’ve done and can’t imagine that I matched up to any other love you left with flowers at your funeral, looking sad and shy and dumb. And I still have that dream where you say I’m your only one but now it’s always underwater – you are pale, the world is blue, I am ripped away by currents, you fade out of view.

This is starlight through a curtain; it’s my favorite time of night. Everyone is sleeping and I start to come to life.



~ by perfectionatrix on September 6, 2011.

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