Hector the God of Space

A new universe was just created! Hey baby, did you notice? We can now swim through the mountains and make love atop the oceans! It is I, long-limbed with slender wrists, who collapsed seven previous places where we once exist as unhappy and ignorant – I who come for no one else, appearing at last as myself and reaching out to touch you. Surely something can come from nothing – it’s only a matter of defining that one thing and then it just is. I find myself in an active role – the strict pursuit of history, some lasting glory, so dreaded time may not ignore me. I have collapsed universes! Let me into yours. I promise to preserve it like I never have before. No more space-time suits me anyway, it is not fun anymore so I who lost a thousand worlds with so very few words and gained a thousand more and just as quickly watched them burn – I am through destroying at this coordinate in time. Let us build a universe that’s neither your’s nor mine. 


~ by perfectionatrix on September 6, 2011.

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