A Tree Garden

So I’m drunk as usual and clicking on the facebook feeling bad about the times I am not having, you know having not had a new picture added in a long time. I can barely keep the rhyme! (She texted me because I stay up late; I wasn’t on her mind.) But anyway I fall in love with everyone that I see. It’s not so hard, most people have something good worth offering and then it’s just a simple matter of finding what it is. I saw a girl who I once hated (who I shortly after kissed) and wondered what the hell that meant then (probably three years ago now). We were at a weird apartment, she wore a lovely light blue gown that was too dressy for the party but girls act strange sometimes. She’ll probably get married to a boy who’s name’s not mine. And anyway I am still texting that one girl who never texts. There’s been 12 minutes of silence, so I’m starting to suspect she finally fell asleep and once more has no need for me. It’s been two days since I stared into the dark heart of the sea and felt my ego slowly dying, evaporating off of me. But now it’s back enough to feel a bit punctured, as it were. Sure, I’ve learned to hold my tongue a bit around these pretty girls but it is useless I can’t do this I was lied to by my music I am too pitiful and frightened to come to a conclusion.


~ by perfectionatrix on August 15, 2011.

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