The Leisure Class

The leisure class was made for sunny, selfish folk like us! We have everything and nothing all available at once. Oh these are fluid times to dine in – hell to tow the party line is now much more dance-like than metric – and according to projections, things will stay the same forever, whether or not we stand up. So let us take a few brief moments to discuss some thoughts on love such as how romance isn’t dead but has retired into hiding. We replaced our room-wide looks with generic texts and sighing – we have taken as a habit not thinking to invite you out where somewhere I am sure two people just fell into love beneath a streetlight, in a diner, or wherever else it was. No – no – no – nobody’s excited anymore. Nothing’s worth getting excited for. Convenience is a killer and the advent of this chiller sense of ”everything’s so soothing” means that we all end up losing our most exciting factor – Passion. Willingness to grab her and make out on a couch. Willingness to jam your tongue into his nervous mouth. Impulse has lost to instruction. Here is how you’re supposed to function. Of course it won’t feel natural, but neither then do we.

~ by perfectionatrix on August 2, 2011.

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