An Arab Dreams of the Concept of Zero

Nothing is a perfectly acceptable state of things – something to keep track of the fact that everything is more or less defined through a series of opposites. One night, in a dream, a lonely man thought of it – picturing a girl he no longer possessed. How to relate the feeling of taking off her dress when he hasn’t even seen her in (let’s say) a thousand years? The zero was born to show that though nothing’s here – this is noteworthy and oh so certainly just as real as any one. A tiny scribbled zero may add nothing to the sum but placed correctly, it will let me see the things that used to be. So, its absence is a presence just as your’s still is to me. Now it marks your place forever. From now ’til infinity you are unchanging, uncomplaining, probably not thinking that we were anything more than times tables – knowing my arms could not cradle anything but empty circles like the ones your eyes became. The zero was created so that when even your name has left my catalogue of entries, your little symbol there prevents me from forgetting that nothing is a valid form of being.

~ by perfectionatrix on July 18, 2011.

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