Elephants of the polar regions blend in with the snow. Their skin is many inches thick to exsulate the cold. I read they do not transport well, so no one’s ever seen one. If someone says he has, he’s lying – certain as the sun lies 5 million miles closer on January 3rd. (That part’s really true, you know – the first part I just heard from an old tv show we watched once in your basement on the floor. Your father never caught us – you Miss Prodigy at Doors™. I think I cannot shake you ’cause you understood my jokes. We could talk about new music over borrowed beers and smokes. It didn’t mean a thing but) now the sun is very far. 5 million miles farther from the very closest star. Aphelion was today and it still makes me feel small. I wouldn’t answer, but I swear I’d really love it if you’d call.

~ by perfectionatrix on July 4, 2011.

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