Hand Cramps

This is not a long story, nor even a good one. I don’t mean to be boring but even though I should come out with you tonight, we all know that I won’t. I’d rather sit around and play guitars and drink and mope. I’m not uncomfortable with serving as the punchline of a joke and this writing is much harder than it was when I was young. I’m more tired now than ever and it isn’t really fun – but it is with me so forgive when I do not call you back. I was brainstorming synonyms for all the things I lack – you know the same old empty metaphors of body parts in dresser drawers and distant girls to half-adore. It bores me, oh I mean it and assume that now you’ve seen it – you’ll agree with my assessment that it’s not a good story.

~ by perfectionatrix on June 26, 2011.

One Response to “Hand Cramps”

  1. Hand cramps can be painful if you are abusing your hand too much. Take regular breaks and rest. –

    Our very own blog site

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