A Sleepy Drowsy Tired Girl (alt.)

Girl with sleepy puppy eyes, why do you always look tired? Why the oft-worn, forlorn smile? You clean easier than tile, yet you let some bedroom style dominate your lucid moments. No, of course you do not owe this hypocrite a solemn oath which would be grounded in black coffee, accelerants, or wicked hobbies – dissolving wholly both our bodies. Droopy heavy hanging eyelids suggest stories filled with silence, unlikely bursts of color and violence that are no longer denied but more or less just pushed aside for handling at later times. You are soft and warm and tired and I am hard and cold and wired – somewhere, where there’s peace and quiet, I admit I’d like to try it – rattle you ever the slightest, bring you closer to alive with whatever tricks always work. There’s always one that hits some nerve and I have all night to explore and find a way to get you more awake! I’ll take your word – I know you’re so busy all the time. I mean, who isn’t? You should listen – if something’s missing than I give you my permission to take it.

~ by perfectionatrix on June 7, 2011.

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