A Bright Thirstday Morning

Here is a nice day to lay in parking lots, throw breadcrumbs to the seagulls, and suppress errant thoughts about the downturn in the market or a lack of laundered clothes. You look nice today. I mean it. Hey, later we should go to this bar I found in Greenbelt near the mall slash shopping mart. A pleasant day to ignore knowing all things fall apart – it is simply in their nature, imbued by some creator or a random blend of quarks that collided in the dark many many million years before you or I was born. Here is a nice place to give ourselves to fate – to feel the final pull and think of no reason to wait for any astronomic symbol that would underline my touch. Here is a day to raise our voices up above a hush but only barely – in the air we are not altogether much more than the blanket that we share, I swear we make up just enough matter not to care about the parking spots we’re blocking. There’s a street we should be walking to but you and I were talking and I guess we got caught up.


~ by perfectionatrix on June 7, 2011.

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