A Livable Community?

Land of liquor stores and riots; land of check cashers and violence; land of car alarms and sirens; place that makes us drunk and tired – you are slowly waking up this season, oh boy here it comes! You make no attempts at pleasing – I have seen more guns and knives and snow and ice than I needed to for my life to feel complete – you are defeat, found in every pockmarked street and shitty chain restaurant with staff so sassed and slow, so clueless that it makes you want to throw a brick through every goddamn window. It makes you want to shake each braking dipshit on the highway – shake them like a baby until they finally see things my way. Land of malts and backwoods; land of coins and asking please; land of shady deals on backroads; land of living week-to-week – you can have it all, but not me. You can not keep me from walking out right now.


~ by perfectionatrix on April 27, 2011.

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